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BMW M5 powered Wiesmann GT MF5 on road and track - CAR and DRIVER

We get behind the wheel of the wicked Wiesmann GT MF5 and take a quick factory tour for some insight into Wiesmann's history on the latest episode of Car and ...

2012-09-13 12:40 567,501 YouTube

Weismann Roadster/TVR Tuscan car review pt 1 | Top Gear | BBC

Part one of two. The traditional British sports car is back as Jeremy Clarkson takes the TVR Tuscan 2 and the Weismann Roadster out on to the track. Sadly ...

2009-12-11 05:54 1,415,874 YouTube

Wiesmann GT MF5: Arm, aber sexy! - Fast Lap XL | auto motor & sport

Wiesmann: Moderne Sportler mit historischer Optik. Ein reizvolles Konzept, leider ohne Erfolg. Die deutsche Sportwagenmanufaktur musste leider Insolvenz ...

2019-02-22 11:33 67,922 YouTube

Wiesmann GT MF4-CS vs. Porsche GT3 - GRIP - Folge 249 - RTL2

Was der Wiesmann GT MF4-CS und der Porsche GT3 drauf haben, testen Stuntfahrerin Miriam Höller und Rennfahrer Sascha Bert. Kann der Wiesmann mit ...

2013-10-13 09:04 717,139 YouTube

Wiesmann GT MF5: Cold Start, Tunnel Sound, Acceleration, Revs, Downshifts and Drive

The sound of the V10 inside the Wiesmann GT MF5 is one of these really special exhaust notes you will never forget. The naturally aspirated 5 litre V10 engine ...

2018-04-22 03:15 5,238 YouTube

Wiesmann MF3 Cabrio HD-Video

Wiesmann MF3 Cabrio HD-VideoNeed new shirts ? http://ahshirts.comNeed new clothes ?

2016-04-19 01:45 5 Dailymotion

Wiesmann MF4 Roadster V8 BiTurbo Lovely Sound!! - 1080p HD

Wiesmann MF4 Roadster V8 BiTurbo Lovely Sound!! - 1080p HD...

2015-06-25 02:29 40 Dailymotion

wiesmann mf 4 CAR4GIRL.COM


2011-09-09 01:43 455 Dailymotion

Essai Wiesmann MF3 2009 par Sport-Prestige

2010-02-18 05:15 1,920 Dailymotion

Visiting Renntech, Black Falcon and a Lot of Wiesmanns!

Boris and I take a trip to Renntech and Black Falcon to check out what's going on in the workshop but happen upon a gathering of 40 Wiesmanns while there!Lookin...

2019-03-04 10:20 1 Dailymotion